Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Style review -- black and white

                                     i liked this models style his oversized jeans gave a distorted illusion effect making his frame look much bigger than before , i am a fan of oversized clothing it stands out and can change your figure and look altogether. 

the thing that drew me to this woman was her choice to add white and black and mix it with colour this made my eye not focus on one point of the outfit and made me look from the bottom to the top .
i think turtlenecks look amazing lately , a vintage gold reborn and looking more amazing than before i love the way she has combined it with the black trench coat giving a vintage punk look.

layering is another amazing style i saw at lFW using oversized clothes to add more to an outfit to grab attention, i especially love how this model has used an over sized shirt with roman numerals which stands out against the all black entourage 
this models style i adore the combination of pattern mesh and black and white is an explosion of the eye but works amazingly i love how it also works with his skin colour and hairstyle a very punk glam goth look that stands out 

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