Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Style interview


ELLIOT: hi im here at London fashion week with .... 
Liz- Liz
ELLIOT- hi liz have you got a intsagram ?
Liz- yes @LIZ_ZZZZZ
ELLIOT- so liz what do you think of the London fashion week style this year?
LIZ- to be honest i haven't had a look rem im not really a fashion follower no im not rem i follow my own style really i love this style tho long coats and a little bit of vintage...
ELLIOT- can you tell me about what you are wearing today where you got it from and who you are wearing?
Liz-im wearing "LOU LOU LOU
LIZ- yeah 
ELLIOT- liz will you be attending London fashion week in the future ?
liz- possibly possibly yeah im trying to get scouted today actually 
Elliot- oh so you want to become a model /
Liz-Yes i am 
Elliot- well liz you very much look like one already and i wish you the best of luck today thank you 
LIZ- thank you 

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